Hindu Wedding Decorations

When decorating, consider using a classic flower garland as part of the wedding car decorations. If the wedding is upscale, your guests may be shocked by flying streamers and shoe-polish signs painted on the car. Flower garlands are easily attached, and can be secured by tucking the ends under the car's trunk lid. Flowers by themselves will work, too.

However, if you do want to have a little more fun, going to a party supply store is the perfect place to find all the items you need. Pick up some window paint - the kind you use when you are trying to sell your car. You'll want something bright that stands out.

Wedding Car Bows : A couple of pull bows can add a nice finish to the traditional V shaped ribbon pattern over the bonnet and if tied to the two wing mirrors will hide any unsightly knots. The one opposite is available as a pack of two for £1.50 from Swift Hart Boxes.


Customize your balloons at a local party store. Have the bride and groom's name and wedding date printed on colored balloons. Hide wedding car decorations during the reception and sneak out to affix the balloons to the car, be careful no to obstruct the driver's vision!


One of the easiest ways to decorate the wedding car is to create a colorful "Just Married" poster and attach it to the trunk. The poster can be decorated to match the wedding theme or the personal style of the bride and groom. The poster can be detached from the car and placed in the reception hall or honeymoon suite after the wedding.

There are lot of new modification has entered in the marriage car decoration. Rear Window Decals where you can rear window decal personalized with the name of Bride-Groom or Just Married. The static-cling in this pattern you can decal the body of the wedding car. The easiest way to decorate the wedding car is to create or stick the 'Just Married' poster attaches into the trunk. So decorate your wedding and make it most memorable event of your life.

Mandap Ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding. This is because all the significant rituals are performed during the mandap ceremony. In India, weddings take place in accordance with the age old customs and traditions. It is a very meticulous process and is fulfilled with the feeling that it is a one time affair. As a result, parents on both the sides do not leave any stone unturned in organizing a prosperous wedding for their kids.

This attributes to the fact that Indian weddings are around five day long. There are a number of rituals that take place before, after and on the wedding day itself. Mandap ceremony is also such ritual. After the var mala ceremony is over, the couple is blessed by the elderly people of both the families. This is followed by the mandap ceremony, which is performed under a canopy supported on four pillars. This is called Mandap. It is usually made of bamboo and is decorated with red and silver colors.

The four pillars of the mandap signify the parents on both sides, which toiled hard to bring their children up. The mandap ceremony usually takes place at the house of the bride or otherwise it is held at the wedding venue itself. All the rituals during the mandap ceremony are performed in front of the sacred fire and hymns recited by the priest, from Vedas. The main rituals conducted here are Saat Phere, Kanyadaan, Maang baharai etc.

Sangeet Decorations in weddings may be based or on personal taste and budget. Traditional Decoration could be made for Sangeet Celebration. Sangeet Decorations also could be made cultural by using colors like red, orange, maroon, bandhani, or purple drapes with some golden glittering colors.

This concept could be carried for decorating the whole area. Roses have however been favorite of the designers. Flowers like rose, orchid, marigold, gerberas could give a special touch to the Sangeet decorations. A traditional theme like long beautiful drapes in rich embroidery and mirror work could give a special effect to the Sangeet Celebration. However, in order to give it a western look, netted hangings and silver color in place of golden could be used. One can also use flowers like baby roses, orchid, lily or carnations for western Sangeet decorations. In modern times, people also favor to give a funny look by elements like heart shaped balloons with nets.

The Sangeet Decoration varies from one region to another. Wooden partitions are used covered with strips of tinted tissues or fresh flowers. A small stage is also erected at the hall for the people to perform songs and dance and enjoy. The cost of Sangeet Decorations depends on the hall and the decorations that are used. These days the Sangeet Decorations are heavily done through artificial flowers made of tissues, which are in trend. These flowers look rich and can also be reused unlike the real flowers that wither away. These artificial flowers could let the house look fresh for many days without replacing them, if the pre and post wedding celebrations are taking place at home. Sangeet decorations are done in best possible unique way to cherish the ceremony.

Apart from this, the Hindu Wedding Decorations consist of different types of material used in a delicate and intricate manner to create a wonderful effect. Decorations also add a touch of elegance and grace to the ceremony itself, thus making it a more glamorous event.

There are several types of decorations that are used at Hindu Weddings. Some of the Hindu Wedding Decorations include Engagement Decorations, Mandap Decorations, Mehendi Decorations, Sangeet Decorations, Sagan Decorations, Car Decorations and Wedding Stage Decorations. These decorations are basically classified according to the ceremonies in which they are used. The basic materials used in these decorations include various types of flowers and other artistic materials. Various kinds of lighting effects are also used to make the place look more attractive.

Mehendi is considered to be an ancient Indian body art. It is used in creating elaborate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body; traditionally mehendi was applied on the hands and feet of Indian bride and women preparing for special festive ceremonies. Today men are finding it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos. But now both men and women enjoy the temporary tattoo. The art of applying henna in this manner is called Mehendi, it is an ancient ritual and art form No Indian wedding is ever complete without the mehendi ceremony. The ritual of mehendi is followed in every part of the country where the hands of the bride are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehendi. Henna designs can be used as armlets, bracelets, anklets, and general designs on hands and feet. Various kinds of designs can be made depending on the occasion. In wedding ceremonies mostly traditional Indian designs are made on the hands of the bride. These traditional designs are elaborate and detail. Other than the ethnic and conventional designs for the bride you can opt for contemporary designs, which are sleek and fashionable. Today brides also opt for Arabic designs, ornamental designs and tattoo designs like necklace tattoos, navel tattoos and anklet tattoos.

Henna is a natural product. Its leaves are dried and grounded to make the henna powder. Since it is a natural product, there are no known side effects. It usually takes many hours to get a good henna stain on the skin, and that stain is quite harmless. The shade varies according to the quality of the henna powder. Your henna design should last at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the epidermis of your skin and on where the design is located. To have a good result leave the henna paste for eight hours and more. The longer the paste is kept on, the darker the design will be. The less exposed to water, soap or rubbing, the longer the designs will stay. For the wedding day try to go for simple and detailed designs on your hands and feet. The designs should not be overdone it should look pretty.

The Wedding Gate Decorations could be theme based. A royal touch could be given to the Wedding Gate Decorations by using red and golden drapes along the furniture. The backdrop of the Gate also needs to be decorated beautifully. Wedding Gate Decorations could include various beautiful fresh flowers. The wedding theme and the colors could be matching. The various colors of the flowers change and set the mood at wedding. Seasonal flowers could be used for wedding gate decorations. The Wedding Gate Decorations impart an overall charm to the entire ceremony. These days, Wedding Gate Decorations are done with a western touch. The fresh flowers are replaced with beautiful artificial flowers. The Gate is decorated with Silver drapes instead of traditional golden ones. Various beautiful designs and artifacts are added to the Wedding Gate Decorations.

We provide a complete Wedding Stage Solution for your wedding event. Our stages are beautifully crafted to the highest standard to match the elegance of your wedding day. We also provide all the back-drops with the stage and our florist can provide a you with classy flowers for the day.

Our interior decorators can also design fantastic walkways that look stunning and add that special royal touch to your big day.
Wedding Stage Decorations could include various beautiful fresh flowers and other shimmering embellishments. Lovely lightings and plants are also included in recent times. The Wedding Theme and the colors should be matching and contrasting. The various colors of the flowers alter and set the atmosphere at wedding. Seasonal flowers are used for wedding stage decorations. Conventional and ethnic propositions are also used for decorations. Kalash of various shapes and designs are often used with beautiful drapes. A cultural look could be given to the pillars of the Kalash. The sitting arrangement for bride and groom could be made on traditional dangle decorated with netted drapes and lovely, bright flowers. The Wedding Stage Decorations pass on an overall attraction to the entire ceremony.

Doli or Palaki are used for decoration purpose mainly in mandaps. This Bridal Wedding Doli is also used for functions like stage performances, fashion shows and other stage functions. Indian Brides use the Doli or Palaki to enter the wedding also.

Balloon Decor is now order of the day in India. We provide Balloon Decoration for different occasions like birthday, wedding, reception, parties etc. Make your occassion look romantic and magical with Wedding Balloons. There are balloons with wedding slogans sold in supermarkets, and wedding balloon decoration can be a cheap and cheerful way to celebrate your big day. Obviously, for more formal weddings, these decorations will not be suitable, and are best left to decorating your home for your return.
Informal weddings are an open hearted celebration of the ceremony, and wedding balloon decorations can come in many forms, from elaborate sculptures to simple table arrangements.
Planning the Room Decoration for an Indian wedding is not always easy. There are not a lot of places where you can get professional advice about your Indian Wedding Decoration Designs, and there is such a great range of options in Indian Wedding Decorations that you can find yourself torn.The most important things that can give the bedroom a masculine feeling is the wall colors, accessories, bedding and furniture. A man is not completely for delicate things but luxury is a style statement and yes men want it too. To give the room a clean and clear look one should first clearly demarcate what he really wants and what are for decorative purpose only. Fresh flowers and floral drapes are definitely not macho, so how to go about it?