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Groom and Bride Accessories

Indian Groom

In Traditional Indian wedding accessories play a vital role in defining the wedding outfit of the groom. Right selection of accessories makes the groom elegant and smart. Today, grooms are defining their outfit with ethnic and contemporary accessories that complement the wedding attire. They are very particular about the kind of look they portray. To match the sherwani a diamond cufflink will be a perfect accessory. Another important accessory is the pagri or the turban, which could be made interesting by using different fabrics like leheriyas, tie dyes, or self woven brocades. It is worn with Sherwanis Jodhpuris or heavy Churidar Kurtas. A pagri enhances the total look of the groom. It is usually made of chunri, zari and gharchola material and thus creates a colorful male adornment. Among the other important groom accessory are Kantha, which are long necklaces made of beads and white pearls and are usually worn as an ornament. A traditional moti mala worn along with an antique pendant or a broach enhances the look. You could match your mojris in raw silk and have the edges embroidered with similar embroidery to complete the look.

Among the other traditional accessories are knives and swords it symbolizes prestige and royalty. These ornamented wedding knives and swords are usually handcrafted. Kamar Patta or waistbands are elaborate handwork so as to provide a majestic appeal to the groom's attire. It is tied around the waist of the groom when carrying the coconut during the wedding ceremony. sehra is another most accessory worn at the time of marriage it enhances the overall personality of the groom. Mojris are usually traditional Indian footwear it is worn with traditional Indian dressing like sherwanis and Jodhpuri suit. They come in different colors and designs, and are normally hand crafted. If the groom goes for western suit than to match the look he wears diamond or other semi-precious stone cufflinks, to add a touch of style and elegance. Choose the color of the cufflinks that suits the color of the suit. So these are some of the accessories that an Indian groom normally wears.

Indian Bride

Wedding day is the most beautiful day in the life of an Indian bride. On this special occasion when all eyes are set on her, she wants to look extremely gorgeous and especially stunning. Bride's make up, her jewelry, her wedding outfit, her accessories and her hair do, all need to be tastefully coordinated as per her style and personality to make her look charming and irresistible. We understand this and that is why we provide a vast treasure of accessories and things for an Indian bride so that she can look her best. Add style and oomph to your look by choosing from our unique collection of purses and handbags, bangles, bangle box, hair accessories, shawls, fresh and glitter mehendi (henna), ethnic shoes and much more, especially put together keeping in mind the requirements of an Indian bride.

Groom and Bride Haircare

Groom Hair Care

When it comes to a wedding, brides are known to spend the maximum time inpreparation. Male hairdresser rinsing male clients hair After all, they have so many things to decide upon, right from the wedding dress and shoes to accessories, handbag and cosmetics. However, with the passing time, the grooms have also started paying a lot more attention to their looks. Going to a saloon and getting appointments with a hair stylist is something that the present-day groom indulges in, before the wedding. Coming to the hair, there are a lot of steps that a groom can undertake himself, to make sure that his hair look healthy and well-maintained on the wedding day. We have also provided a number of hair care tips for the groom, in the following lines.

Bridal Hair Care

In the days preceding the wedding, the bride does not even get the time to take an easy breath, forget about anything else. So many preparations have to be done, right from deciding the dress to taking the right bridal package. However, there are certain aspects that she simply cannot afford to forget and one of them comprises of hair care. You would not want to mar your overall look on the wedding day, simply because of your rough, dull and unruly hair. Remember, taking out a few minutes on a daily basis, to care for your hair, will go a long way in making them look healthy and full of sheen. In case you need any help, the hair care tips for brides, given below, will prove useful.

Sherwani's for The Groom

The Traditional Indian wear for men, Sherwani signifies elegance and style. The Sherwani is the most traditional of Indian garments. It is a close fitting jacket like garment, of knee length or longer, and has a opening in front with button fastenings, a Nehru collar. They are usually teamed with tight fitting churidar and Jodhpurs, which are a combination of churidars and trousers in a contrasting color. With a khes or long scarf or a shawl draped over one or both of the shoulders. Sherwanis look really regal and elegant because they fuse the best of eastern and western styling. They are the perfect attire for the wedding and also the reception party. They are available in a staggering variety of colours with varying degrees of embroidery from minimal to absolutely gaudy - whatever suits your style of dressing!

Sherwani is a typical attire of the North Indian and Punjabi weddings. Sherwani is a long coat, buttoned up in front with Nehru collars. The Sherwani looks good on tall and well-built people. Traditionally, the sherwanis worn are off-white. But other colors are also worm nowadays like black and other darker shades. Sherwanis can be of various types like the Peshawri and the Baloochi, and are usually embellished with embroidery and zardozi work. The Groom's Sherwani is incomplete without the ghatcholas, flowing kurtas with churidars and jooties or Indian sandals.

Groom Wedding Sehra and Turban


Among the traditional Indian wedding accessories for the Indian groom are knives and swords; it symbolizes prestige and royalty. These ornamented wedding knives and swords are usually handcrafted. Kamar Patta or waistbands are elaborate handwork so as to provide a majestic appeal to the groom's attire. It is tied around the waist of the groom when carrying the coconut during the wedding ceremony. Sehra is another most accessory worn at the time of marriage it enhances the overall personality of the groom.


Turbans for men hold religious significance. Infact in Hindu weddings wearing head turbans for men is a kind of custom where the girl's as well as boy's father are found bedecking their heads with a turban more commonly known as 'Pugree'. It has become an integral part of wedding ceremonies. It's interesting to see Indian men draping their turbans. As you travel region by region you'll see varied turban tying styles. we presents a collection of ready to wear turbans / pagris / safas for the Indian groom and his family.

Turban plays a major role in making a groom look prince charming on his biggest day of life. Designer & Embroidered Wedding Turbans are in latest fashion for wedding celebrations. Generally in wedding celebrations, all close family members wear turbans including the groom. Turbans are also the symbol of self respect, prosperity and a dynamic personality of a man, according to the Indian traditional myths.

Groom Skincare

Skin Care is an important aspect of men's grooming. It's important to take care of your skin, as you age because of so much of pollution, dirt, and hectic lifestyle people are not getting time to take care of their health. There are various ways you can pamper your skin. Here are some basic tips you can follow for that smooth and clear skin. Some of the basic things you can do with your skin are cleansing, exfoliating, toning and nourishing.

The first and foremost thing is cleaning your face by daily washing your face with a soap free moisturizing face wash, which is gentle on your skin. Cleansing product should be natural and chemical free. To get that extra freshness refresh your skin with cold water in which tealeaves have been boiled. It gives a rejuvenating effect to your skin. This cleansing will protected your skin from grime. You can also wipe your face clean with a cleansing lotion.

Exfoliating is another important thing to protect your skin. For that you need a good scrub, which will remove dead cells and smooth the surface of your skin. A scrub with a moisturizing effect won't tear the skin and also gives immediate results. If your skin is dry don't use scrub regularly it makes your skin more dry. To give your eyes a refreshing effects cut cucumber in round slices and place them over your eyes or alternatively dip used tea bags in salt water and put them in the fridge and put a pair over your eyes after a tiring day. It rejuvenates your eyes. Toning up is another important step to maintain your skin because you spend most of the time outside so pollution affects your skin so toning keeps your face clear and firm. Astringents and toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids work best for your skin. These acids actually reduce the pore size and help avoid ingrown hairs. So these are some of the tips you can try out to main your skin.

Other than this you can go for a facial once in a month after the age of 25 to maintain your skin and to have a glowing effect. You can also try a home facial, which includes giving yourself a light facial massage with a soothing moisturizing cream and ice cubes, followed by steaming your face. Then remove white heads around the nose and chin with a remover and use a good scrub. Use scrub depending on your skin type and wash off with warm water. Finally apply a soothing fruit mask and follow up with a moisturizing lotion. A simple face pack can make your skin glow. To have good skin it is important to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to flush toxins out of the system and keep your skin hydrated. If you have skin related problems like acne and other pimple problem than you can go for treatment. And lastly it is important to have a proper balanced diet to have a good and glowing skin. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables and you should also have multi vitamin capsules. For any skin related problem you can consult a skin specialist.

Bridal Makeup

Wedding is that event in one's life, when the world seems colorful and filled with high hopes for the coming future. It is the stepping stone for a completely new life, which is a mystery and nobody knows what is in store for them. Nevertheless, everyone wants to begin this new journey on a good note, wishing for happiness and prosperity abound. So, the bride celebrates this occasion by trying to look her best on this special day. Apart from her clothes and jewelry, her look is also very important.

For an Indian wedding, the makeup artists keep in mind the conventionality of the occasion. There are a number of salons and parlors which specialize in bridal make up only. These places are a good option, wherein you can avail various facilities and wedding packages. Besides, there are many functions which take place before and after the main wedding day, such as, engagement, sangeet, mehndi, reception, etc. For all these occasions also the bride needs to look good.

Usually light make up is applied for all the pre wedding ceremonies. This makes it easy for the bride to carry it as she is involved in many activities. On the contrary heavy makeup is applied on the main wedding ceremony. The make up is done keeping in mind the wedding dress, the face structure, the skin type and the jewelry. This is to ensure an overall uniform look for the bride. The makeup of the bride is kept exclusive to make her stand out of the crowd, but should not look overdone at any cost. Therefore, it is advised to go for a skilled makeup artist, who knows the art well.

However, it should be noted that makeup cannot make anyone good-looking overnight. It only hides your flaws and accentuates your features. So for that glow on the face, one needs to work hard, way before the wedding day. Take skin care treatments to cleanse the pores and revitalize the cells. Consult your beautician and chalk out a schedule for yourself to keep your skin replenished. Drink plenty of water; eat fresh fruits and green vegetables for nourishing the body from within.