Indian Wedding Gifts

il_fullxfull.506606863_1l7hIndia is the home of a remarkable variety of traditional crafts. Century old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting pieces of art, which are admired and collected by art connoisseurs all over the world, making Indian art & handicrafts immortal & most favored. The ethnic appeal in the vibrant colors is irresistible, whether it is leather ware, pottery, metal craft or textiles.

The spark of creativity was there since the beginning of civilization. The immortality of the handicrafts and arts of India maybe attributed to their ability to captivate the beholder. An inspiring range of products are available from timeless creations, which include crafts in wood, papier mache, wood, metal, glass and a variety of other materials. They have remained coveted for their ability to transform homes into absolute places of beauty

Types of Decorative Items

A wide range of aesthetically appealing items function as decorative pieces & help in enhancing the overall look of the confined milieu. There is absolutely no dearth when it comes to the selection of desired exquisite items. The list includes :

Bells & Chimes Candle Holders Candle Sconces
Fireplace Flower Vases Handmade Paintings
Jewelry Boxes Lamp Bases Lamp Shades
Lanterns Picture Frames T-Lights
Wall Hangings Wall Scones

There is a huge range of electronic gifts that make good wedding gifts. You may give premium_golfsettableorganizeranything out of these depending on your budget and the couple's requirements.

Electric Toaster Microwave
Digital Camera
Electric Kettle Steam Iron
Music System
Hair dryer

Jewelery has been part of the Indian civilization since ancient history. They were in fashion since ancient civilizations as Harappa and Mohanjodaro. Made out of almost any Aralk14B-Importance of your jewelry gift box-jewelleryistanbulmaterial, jewelry is basically adorned to highlight nearly any body part. Be it the traditional jewelry or the latest ones which are increasingly in demand, i.e. the costume & imitation jewelery. There is no dearth when it comes to accentuating the beauty with varied imaginative & stunningly designed jewelry items.

When it comes to defining the materials used for shaping jewelry items, then anything under the roof of the sky can be transformed into breathtaking ornamental items. Such as, metals such as gold & silver, copper, ivory, woods, precious gemstones as diamonds & pearls, beads, shells, leather, plastic, glass, bone & others. They help define varied intricately designed shapes adding on to the beauty of these adorning items. Jewelry are perfect for any occasion, be it a formal or ceremonial occasion or casual ones. They do not need any particularly specified occasion for exhibiting the beauty. With growing demand of Art jewelry, very much in vogue, artisans are coming up with innovative ideas & designs to give an ethereal look to a persona easily available & quite cost effective. Nowadays, new variations are hitting the showrooms such as wire sculpture (wrap) jewelry which are being created using anything from base metal wire with rock tumbled stone to precious metals and precious gemstones.

Wide array of jewelry items which can beautify the varied body parts are :

Bangles Anklets Nose pins
Hair pins
Necklaces Rings
Earrings Armlets Bracelets
Toe Rings

Flower vases are designed in styles ranging from exquisite to outrageous ones. Despite the highly competitive global markets, the handicrafts sector in India has become the top2015-New-Hot-Sale-Plastic-Bike-Flower-Vase-Set-Artificial-Flowers-Wedding-Decorations-Birthday-Gift-Festival exporter because of its high demand for designs and detailed workmanship. Exquisite flower vases are made of a variety of mataerials like: brass, iron, ceramic, glass etc.

Flower vases chiseled out of variety of materials in varied shapes are extremely eye-catching with their compelling beauty. The base is made heavy to provide support to the body of the flower base. Meticulously carved, the flower pots made in India have gained immense popularity worldwide as major export items. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and styles, the marble flower pots are sure to look new for years to come. They make exclusive gifts as decorative accents.

The flower pots serve as decorative pieces specially used to display the plants and flowers together with a splash of exotic flower colors and plant greenery. Used not just to place flowers, the flower vases also serve as memorable gifts for near and dear ones and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. They are ideally placed on writing tables, coffee tables, dining tables, center tables etc. and impart a touch of style to the decor. The exotic beauty of decorative flower vases gets multiplied by decorating them with fresh flower stems.

Our hallmarked Silver Wedding Gifts are hand made in our Company by skilled craftsmen using traditional skills.DSC_7130_crop

We have a fast engraving service that will meet most deadlines and can engrave a date, names or special message to mark this important day. These gifts are wrapped in tissue paper and delivered in a handsome black presentation boxes.